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​​​​​​​​2022 Mount Crosby BYOD Information

2022 BeConnected (BYOD) at Mount Crosby State School 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students use a personally-owned device to support their learning.

In 2022, the expectation for students accepted in the BeConnected at Mount Crosby State School classes in Year 3-5 will bring their own device that meets the required specifications. This ensures that students can access the resources and software used in class through the entire day and that learning between home and school is seamless for students.

Requirements - What do I need to do?

To participate in our BeConnected Program, you must: 

  • have a suitable device that meets our minimum device specifications,
  • install the required software and applications on this device,
  • ensure your child's device is connected to the school Wi-Fi network by following the BYOx Link Instructions, if your child does not know their password, this can easily be left until school resumes,
  • sign and return the Student Learning Expectations and Participant's Agreement, please review this with you child and have them sign it as well. Please wait until the first day of school in 2022 and return these forms to your child's 2022 class teacher,
  • sign and return the Online Services Consent Form. Please wait until the first day of school in 2022 and return this form to your child's 2022 class teacher.


Minimum Device Specifications

To keep pace with changes in technology and teaching and learning, Mount Crosby State School will update the BYOD technical specifications as required. 

We believe in most circumstances that an iPad will last you for 4 years so if you have purchased a new iPad for BYOD in the last 4 years then there is no expectation for you to purchase a new iPad in 2022.


Minimum Device Specifications for 2022:

  • Full size iPad released 2014 and onwards, see release timeline below
  • 16 GB or higher
  • Wi-Fi model

* Please ensure your iPad is updated to the latest iOS (currently 14.2 or above).

* Please note that iPad Minis are not suitable for use due to their small screen size.


iPad Release Timeline

Any full size iPad released from the iPad Air 2 (2014) and onwards is suitable for use at Mount Crosby State School.​

Which iPad model do I have?

Click here for instructions on how to identify your iPad model.


Software and Applications

Each year our app lists are updated. It is an expectation that all students in the BYOD program have the required apps installed on their device before the start of the school year. These cannot be provided by the school and must paid for and installed with your own Apple or Microsoft account. There is no need to pay for a Microsoft Office subscription as this is provided and can be activated with your child's email address and their school login / password. This can be done at school in class if the Microsoft apps are already installed.

If any software on the list changes or becomes unavailable over the holiday period then please ignore that particular app for now.

If your child is on an Individualised Curriculum Plan (ICP) then please do not purchase applications on the list with an asterix before them until you have consulted with your student's case manager.

Core app list 2022

2022 Core app list

BYOx Link

The following links contains videos on how to set up your child's device for use with the college.

If you are unsure of your student's email address or password, then please contact their class teacher.


IPAD - BYOxLink - How to guide - iOS - Enrol your BYO device into Intune

BYOxLink Parent Fact Sheet - How to get your childs device ready for school

Student Learning Expectations and Participant's Agreement

The Student Learning Expectations are a student friendly version of the BYOD Handbook (available at the bottom of this page). Reviewing the Learning Expectations together with your child is a great way to ensure that that they understand how to use their device correctly and safely at school.


Please print, sign and return this to your child's classroom teacher.

2022 BeConnected at Mount Crosby State School Learning Expectations and Participants Agreement

Online Services Consent Form

The Online Service Risk Review is a document that must be signed by parents to give permission for us to share student information with each of the third parties listed. We will always share as little information as we can, this may include: student name, student ID, age, year group, class teacher and student email. We use this permission to create accounts for or to allow students to create accounts for use with apps like Seesaw, Scratch etc.

This must be signed and returned to your child's teacher in the first week of school in 2022.​

2022 BeConnected at Mount Crosby State School Online Services Consent Form​


BYOD Documentation

2022 BeConnected at Mount Crosby State School Handbook

2022 BeConnected (BYOD) at Mount Crosby State School

2022 Core app list ​​

Last reviewed 01 February 2022
Last updated 01 February 2022